Increase your company’s productivity with skilled leaders, an engaged workforce and human resources strategies that work. 


We take care of the people side of your business so you can take care of your customers.

Your experienced business partner and trusted advisor

The Executive Resource Center specializes in hands-on, affordable and strategic human resources services for small and medium sized companies. ERC has the extensive business experience and know-how to help you succeed. We work with you to create and maintain a productive and collaborative workplace, a superior workforce and committed employees. We use the same top-notch human resources tools, skills and methods usually available only to large organizations with deep pockets.

  • Select one or more of our top-of-the-line services or contract with us to be your part-time or full-time human resources department.
  • We help you make tough decisions, attract and keep the best talent, and prepare for the future.
  • We make sure you have the best possible human resources strategy, structure, systems, plans and staff.
  • You achieve your business objectives.
  • We help you create and nurture cohesive and productive teams that share the same vision and work together to achieve your objectives.
  • We free up your staff by taking on some — or all — of the time-consuming tasks that go with hiring, firing, training, developing, communicating, compensating employees and managing outsourced administrative functions.

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